I’m Sébastien Lavoie, a motion designer working in the beautiful city of Québec, Canada.

Former Multimedia student fascinated by animation and ex-web designer/developer, I now happily design and animate things on a daily basis; which kind of makes sense of it all.

I’ve had the chance to work as an animator/editor and sometimes designer/illustrator on advertising, branding, e-learning and live event productions with great teams like Ellicom, Thinkmojo, Blackout Design, Boombox and Nova Film on projects for well-known companies such as Transat, Bombardier, Industrielle Alliance, Air Canada, and many more.

I am now working as a freelance motion designer on this site and with my partner Manuel Petersen on Anymal, a motion design and animation studio from Quebec. In my spare time, I write on Keyframed.tv and work on a company called Dovi. In the past I’ve created the After Effects script Hyle and used to write for Tutsplus.com. Got a project in mind? Email me at: email@seblavoie.com