Quebec city - The great fires of Quebec city

December 2019

We were approached by the Culture, Heritage and International Relations Department of the City of Quebec to create an immersive video of the great fires that the city has gone through in the past 250 years. The launch of the video marked the 250th anniversary of the Fire Protection Service of Quebec City, from 1759 to 2019.

The idea was to demonstrate the intensity of these famous fires from the past centuries by presenting them in realistic historical and architectural settings.

The visuals are based on a combination of paintings, old photos, maps, newspaper articles and many photos we took of the Duberger model; a large model of Quebec city created in 1806 and exposed at the Parc-de-l’Artillerie.

The video will be presented as part of the Pompiers de Québec exhibition - 250 years of courage at the Musée de la civilization from October 15, 2019 to March 23, 2020.