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A new way to create & share After Effects content.

Hyle is an After Effects script available at aescripts + aeplugins that allows you to generate content from a simple and understandable text syntax.

Go to hyle.io

2013 Demo Reel

Things I’ve done, together at last.

My personal demo reel, containing both freelance work and projects created at Ellicom.

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A wesite about motion.

After Effects animation techniques, workflow tips, ExtendScript and other motion graphics/animation/video, related topics.

Go to Keyframed.tv

E-learning at LaSalle College

Joyful vector animation.

Advertising video we did at Ellicom for LaSalle College.

Hat tip to Manuel Petersen for giving me a helpful hand on the illustrations.

Watch on Vimeo


A fun vectorish animation made for Crakrevenue.

I worked with the design team on the visuals and the illustrations. I was then in charge of the animation.

Watch on Vimeo
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After Effects Sublime Text package

Getting the pain out of writing scripts.

Will automatically copy your .jsx file in your After Effects scripts folder and then run it in After Effects.

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Some 3D Renders

Because shiny stuff is beautiful stuff.

I’ve come to use Cinema 4D here and there in the past years. Here are some renders I did with Greyscalegorilla‘s HDRI Light Kit Pro and VideoCopilot‘s Element 3D models.